Rochester Contemporary School of Music - Seth Horan

Seth Horan - Bass & Vocals

Playing the bass guitar is hard enough. Singing at the same time is another trick entirely -- and yet Seth Horan manages to do that during every song, usually with no other instruments accompanying him.  This quote from the Ocean City Beachcomber sums up Horan's stage show: “He plays solo bass guitar like Victor Wooten, sings songs like John Mayer and Ani DiFranco, and performs with the intensity of Martin Sexton. Hes a freak of nature, and he’s phenomenal.”


He left RCA band Vertical Horizon in 1998, right on the brink of that band’s multi-platinum success, and decided to play his songs alone on his bass rather than pick up the traditional six-string acoustic guitar hailed as the universal standard for songwriters. He did this to push the envelope of modern songwriting and performance; he did it to see how far he could go while still being accepted by the mainstream; he did it to explore a new sound in a market that becomes more homogenized every day. But most importantly, he did it because he has been a bass player since he was twelve years old, and he really, really, really sucks at guitar.

Horan toured the USA as an indie singer/songwriter non-stop from 2002 through 2005, then toured around the world from 2006 through 2008 as the international masterclass clinician for Warwick Bass Guitars.  He received the Nevada Arts Council Fellowship Endowment Grant in 2007 for excellence in performance and composition, and has been featured in Bassics Magazine, Bass Frontiers Magazine, and interviewed for Bass Musician Magazine. He has been teaching privately in Reno, Nevada since 2005, and since relocating to Upstate New York in the summer of 2011, has been involved with the successful Redhouse Rockcamp for teens in Syracuse.  

For beginner students, Seth's primary goal is to get the student up-to-speed on correct playing technique and basic musical knowledge.  Beyond that, he lets the student steer the course of the lesson, as he is a firm believer that people will not study anything they have no interest in.

Seth has been playing in just about every situation imaginable for 20 years now; and with that knowledge, he has been able to help many students on their way to reaching their goals. He has taught teenagers who just want to play Green Day songs on the weekends, hobbyists who want to be able to sit in on local blues jams, intermediate players who want to start using advanced techniques for complicated music or who want to improve their music-reading ability, and advanced players who are preparing for college, professional auditions, and tours.

"I know a lot about music and about playing the bass, and I take teaching very seriously, but what's most important to me is keeping the instruction light and fun for the student!"