Private Lessons


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, private music lessons is the most productive way to advance your musical abilities on your instrument. At RCSM you have the opportunity to study with professional performers and educators who are respected locally, nationally, and internationally. Our instructors dedicate time out of their rigorous touring schedules to ensure that you receive a customized rigorous private lesson curriculum to assists you with your personal goals while highlighting your musical preferences.

RCSM offers private music lessons on all contemporary instruments (i.e. pop, rock, jazz, etc.) & most orchestral instruments (*see below for minimum age requirements). We push every student to work towards the highest levels of proficiency on their instrument and to explore ALL of the musical outlets that inspire them regardless of genre or style. We understand that the connection you have with your instrument is a very personal thing and that how you make music with it should be a clear expression of YOU! We feel that is the most effective way to help you fall in love with your instrument and to help you learn more masterful ways to express with your instrument. 

Every student that registers for private music lessons at RCSM has an opportunity to participate in I’m In The Band!


$92.00/month or $230/quarterly – 30 minute lessons
$184/month or $460/quarterly – 1 hour lessons

*Registration fee of $15 is due at the time of registration.  ($30 per family with 4 students) 

Bass (acoustic & electric) - 9 years
Clarinet - 8 years
Drums & Percussion - 8 years (*younger students must audition)
Flute - 8 years
Guitar (acoustic & electric) - 7 years
Piano & Keyboards - 5 years
Saxophone - 8 years
Trumpet - 8 years
Violin - 8 years
Viola - 8 years
Cello - 8 years
Voice - 11 years (*younger students must audition)



• Drum & percussion students should own/rent, at least,  drumsticks and a practice pad by the start of drum lessons.

• Piano students must have a piano or a full-sized 88-key digital piano with weighted keys by the start of piano lessons. 

• Beginner violin and viola students should visit the String Shop, prior to their first lesson, to be fitted for a proper sized instrument.

• Voice students should have regular access to either a tuned piano, functioning keyboard or guitar & digital tuner.