New Student Masterclasses


FINALLY! RCSM is implementing masterclasses! We’ve been hosting masterclasses during Summer Institute™ for the past 5 years and now we want to bring that unique environment to our regular academic program. 

Masterclasses will occur twice a year in place of regularly scheduled lessons, once in the fall and once in the spring. During these 90 minute small group sessions students will get a chance to share their skills and knowledge with other students who play their instrument.

Who Benefits From Masterclasses?
EVERYONE! Including the faculty! In a masterclass setting you get to see what other people who are playing your instrument are working on and how they’re approaching material that’s challenging to them. Faculty get to see their students in a setting that is full of their peers. They get to see students display their knowledge of their instrument in an in-depth way that they can’t always do in settings with other musicians who DON’T play their instrument.

What If I’m Not Good Enough To Be In A Masterclass?
Nonsense! Masterclasses can be great equalizers in which everyone’s strengths and weakness are brought out in an environment that is safe and honest! Masterclasses aren’t competitions, they’re opportunities for students to learn specific musical concepts as a group and to get constructive feedback from their peers.

Do I have to Perform In the Masterclass?
Of course! That’s the best way to get the most out of the masterclass as well as help the other musicians in the masterclass get a lot out of it. The communal feedback, in addition to comments from the master teacher, can be a major boost to a musician. Oftentimes one person's performance may shed light on musical concepts that someone else is having difficulty with, or someone may provide insightful comments on your performance and help you reach that “ah ha!” moment!