New Student Juries


As part of our Comprehensive Musician Assessment each RCSM student will participate in an RCSM jury twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, in place of their regular lesson. Don’t worry, while we take juries very seriously, it’s not as ominous as it sounds. We know how intense juries can be (having done numerous juries ourselves), so we go to great lengths to help students relax once they’re in the room. There are many reasons why adding juries to our program is a no-brainer for us, but here are the primary reasons why we’re doing juries:

  • REASON #1 - Juries are a major part of our multifaceted CMA. The juries are where we get to observe students performing prepared repertoire in a controlled environment instead of on stage in a band (which is also a valuable assessment opportunity for us). This allows us to observe each student performing alone and in many cases performing more challenging music that requires more refined musicianship.
  • REASON #2 - In order for our CMA to be truly effective, we need objective observers throughout the entire assessment process. Juries are a great opportunity for students to be observed and assessed by other faculty members who aren't their private lesson teacher and doesn’t work with them on a weekly basis. That means most of the individuals assessing them during juries don't have strongly formed opinions about where that particular student is in their development.
  • REASON #3 - Faculty get to have someone other than themselves assess their students. This gives them constructive feedback on their students that can help them prepare for lessons in a new light for each student which makes them a more effective teacher.
  • REASON #4 - Auditions are a normal part of the musician’s life. If a student is at all considering music college and/or pursuing music as a career path, we want to make sure that we’ve prepared them well for this necessary part of their future life.