Rochester Contemporary School of Music - Vicky Mejia-Yepes

Vicky Mejia-Yepes - Vocals

Vicky is originally from Bogotá, Colombia. She got her BA in Sound Engineering and Popular music from El Bosque University in Bogotá. Being Voice her instrument concentration.

She began her career as a vocal instructor,  giving her the opportunity to work with many singers ranging from children, making music learning interesting and fun, to professional singers; preparing them for auditions, concerts and tours.  She has worked on numerous art education projects with drama, plastic and visual artists to develop workshops for kids to introduce them to performing arts.


Vicky worked for 3 years in an intermediate 2 yr.-College degree program, named Escuela de Rock para la convivencia ( School of rock for the coexistence). She taught voice and sound courses. This program was part of an innovative project paid by the Major of Bogotá for students from low-income families.  The program was designed to reduce violence in youth and give opportunities to talented students from under-privileged communities to pursue Music and develop a Music career.

Her interest in becoming a better performer leads her to participate in different bands since she was 16. The variety of genres brought her a new perspective about singing ranging from reggae to metal, during that process she studied with Melissa Cross’s method, “The Zen of Scream”, something that encourage her to perform in the band “Inheritor”. This brought a different sound to the table having a non- classical singer performing death melodic. She recorded the album “Path of Oblivion”, which had very good reviews.

Prior to come to the US, she performed in a concert series hosted by the US Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. She traveled to the US on 2011, to pursue a career in sound design and film production along with music.

Vicky's lessons begin finding each student's unique natural "speaking voice", which is one of the biggest problems for singers. After establishing one's natural voice, she moves onto the basic vocal techniques. Students learn many skills that help them perform on stage, read sheet music, explore their own sound (an option that is  used in popular music like rock, pop, R&B, jazz, etc.). Vicky's music philosophy begins with finding your inner passion for music and to simply have fun. She encourages students to sing the music that they love, while exposing them to new music, even music from the world, that will expand their perspectives. In the end she believes that is all about the amount of hard work and passion that a student puts into its music that will determine how good will be.