Rochester Contemporary School of Music - Little Mozart's Club™

Little Mozart's Club™ is an early-childhood music that takes place at daycare centers around Monroe County. Our goal with Little Mozart's Club™ is to help children develop a deep appreciation for a wide rage of music by engaging them with fun, meaningful and positive experiences making music.

Through singing, dancing, and playing instruments with classic and original songs, we help children gain fundamental music skills that will help them better engage music later on in life (i.e. rhythm, melody, pitch, harmony, tempo, style, etc.). Whether your long term goal is for your child to learn how to play a musical instrument or simply singing along to some of their favorite songs, Little Mozart's Club™ is a perfect first musical step for them!

Yes, there are many positive cognitive and fine/gross motor skill benefits to children engaging in musical activities at a young age (and they DO get them in Little Mozart's Club™)...but the most important thing for any child is that they're MAKING MUSIC! Why? Because MUSIC IS AWESOME!! And that's all that should matter to a child in Little Mozart's Club™

To inquire about Little Mozart's Club™ at your child's daycare center, please contact us.

10 classes/session
$80 per child/session
4 sessions/year (a summer session is also available)