Where are you located?
We’re located in the “Old Pickle Factory” office building in the village of Pittsford, which is a stone’s throw away from both Nazareth College and the Del Monte Lodge & Spa. Our address is:

1 Grove Street
Suite 122A
Pittsford, NY 14534
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Does RCSM only work with children?
No. At RCSM, we work with students from a wide range of ages, from children to adults. Our current student population consists of 30% children (7-12yrs), 40% teenagers (13-18yrs) 30% adults (19yrs+). Since the majority of our students are working to pursue, or are currently pursuing music as a career, we attract many young adult and “seasoned” adult students. We also work with many of the regions semi-pro musicians who are working to better their craft and put on even better performances.

Do you only work with POP or ROCK musicians?
No. At RCSM we love and value ALL music; therefore we love and value ALL musicians! Yes, we do focus primarily on contemporary music (i.e. music made with in the past 120 years or as recently as this morning). However, remember that contemporary music is so much bigger than “pop” and “rock,” and we encourage our students to explore it all. Most importantly, we encourage students to not only learn the masters that came before them, but to also learn to create their own music through improvisation, songwriting, and composition.

Can RCSM help me with college prep?
Yes! RCSM regularly assists individuals with preparations for college auditions. We also help students prepare for the rigorous musicianship and academic requirements that come with territory of attending a top music school. Students who choose to attend college after RCSM typically go on to some of the most popular and prestigious contemporary music colleges in the country, such as: Berklee College of Music (Boston), Los Angles Music Academy, McNally Smith College of Music (St. Paul, MN), Columbia College Chicago (Contemporary, Urban Popular Music).

What kind of performance opportunities would I have if I attended RCSM?
Our students regularly perform at some of the region’s most popular music venues and festivals. Our students also participate in recording projects that are promoted throughout the region.