About Us


Rochester Contemporary School of Music (RCSM) is the region’s premier private music prep-school. We serve music students, ranging from children to adults, with diverse program offerings such as private lessons, classes, and workshops, all of which are highlighted by our popular and innovative program called I’m In The Band™. Our distinctive philosophy is built on three fundamental ideas: 

1) Instructors should embrace the excitement that students have for their existing musical interests and the music that they already love listening to.

2) Students should embrace studying contemporary music and advanced musical techniques with a same discipline and devotion as classical musicians.

3) Every musical experience, ranging from lessons, to rehearsals, to performances, should prepare each student for the realities of today’s professional music business and to contribute to the advancement of music in a meaningful way.

RCSM is known primarily for its work preparing students for professional careers in the contemporary music industry. However, it’s how we prepare students that has drawn the most acclaim. To begin, all of our instructors are successful working musicians on both a national and international scale and have worked with some of the most prominent names in the music industry. We’ve drawn on every aspect of our collective professional performance and educational expertise to design a program in which students not only learn through rigorous private music lessons, but also through rehearsal and performance experiences with a real band (I’m In The Band™) which prepares them for any professional musical situation. We provide regularly opportunities for students to participate in either simulated or legitimately professional music situations, based on their readiness; which in turn helps them go through the necessary “bumps & bruises” of becoming a working professional musician in an environment that is intense yet positive and supportive. 

The result of this approach has been that our students emerge from our programs as better, more well-rounded musicians and able to effectively communicate with their peers in the “language of music.” To date, the success of our program has helped our students get accepted into some of the country’s top contemporary music colleges, successfully prepare for live performing and touring, and even perform on stage with Grammy award-winning artists. When you choose Rochester Contemporary School of Music, you’re choosing to learn about music not just as notes on paper, but as an integral, richly rewarding part of your life and as the first and most critical steps of your musical journey.